Delta Loop: Edge of the Arch

This portion of the Delta Loop will take you on a scenic 54 km journey through the rolling hills of the Frontenac Arch.

Here, you’ll pass through forested hills, pedal down twists and turns dotted with farms and old stone houses, and ride along Charleston Lake. There are opportunities to stop in villages along the route for a rest, food and drinks. Historical and cultural sights are on display along this route in Athens, Philipsville, and the Corbett Creek valley. As you pass through the Gananoque Valley into the Rideau Valley watershed, don’t miss the 1.5 billion year old granite ridges of the Frontenac Arch.

Start location: This route starts and ends in the village of Delta
Terrain: Gentle rolling hills to generally flat, paved roads
Distance: 54 km (33.5 miles)