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Rencontrez nos artisans : Audrey Brown de CocoaBistro

Oubliez les banals bonbons qu’on trouve en pharmacie : la chocolatière Audrey Brown, de CocoaBistro, croit fermement que déguster un chocolat haut de gamme constitue une expérience incomparable.

Work of Art(isans):
Made in Kingston

Nick Allinson

Nick’s passion is connecting people with items that are useful to them.

Audrey Brown

Audrey specializes in transforming cream and dark Belgian chocolate into luscious confections.

Whitney Haynes

Whitney’s work frames natural elements of birch bark and leather with sleek silver and resin accents.

Marney McDiarmid

Marney creates handmade pieces of porcelain renowned for their grace and whimsy.

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